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Rock Carving Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Old Tanum Design - EGS505 (2).jpeg

Catherine, New Zealand

Beautiful earrings - exceeded expectations. :) Clever design, beautifully crafted, and packaged with a free gift! I wore them and a silver pendant from this store the first day i got them and got compliments at work. AND they arrived via UPS in New Zealand in just a few days, despite the global pandemic. I will definitely buy from this store again. :)

Mira review.jpg

Mira, USA

My gorgeous carnelian ring from Ece is my third purchase from her incredible double moon design line. Not only is it even more beautiful than I expected, I feel the artists passion for creativity immediately upon placing it on my finger. The texture, the raised structure of the encasement of the stone, makes this ring so catching to the eye- and heart. Ece is so dedicated to exceptional customer appreciation and communication.

I am a forever customer❤️

Turquoise Earring Nestled in Sterling Silver - EGS509 (2).jpeg

Tracie, USA

This is my second purchase from Ece, a gorgeous pendant which I absolutely adore. It’s beautifully crafted and balanced, so light and easy to wear. I love the research and meaning behind this beautiful pendant with turquoise. I think her pierced pendants truly demonstrate her craftsmanship and unique style. I have a significant birthday next year and I’m already thinking I’ll celebrate with another piece by Ece. Highly recommended.

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