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I am venturing into new territory when it comes to designing and making unique silver (brass and copper) jewelry.

Instead of modeling my work from existing ancient (or modern) jewelry, I thrive on discovering old designs which were found on non-jewelry items.

My adapted collections that come from non-jewelry items originate from pots, rocks, caves, walls, horse saddles, tattoos, carpets, yurts (ancients tents), and more.

The Sociology major I completed many moons ago sparked my interest in cross-culture similarities, both from thousands of years ago up until the present day.

So I enjoy taking the historical patterns I discover and transforming them into unique handmade jewelry. I add my own personal touch for the modern women of today.

In this way, all my work comes from my inner strength & love which melts into the pieces I make for you.

From the age of 15, I spent many years creating and selling bead jewelry which I loved – and still do.

But then I found my true passion/calling: Making jewelry with metals.
I spent 3 years learning from a true master in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey.

I’m still walking an imperfect path every day.

However, I now have a clearer vision about what I want to put out into the world. And I am sharing what I have discovered and continue to discover.

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